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IOTA Fraction works @ Centers

Learning Mode: Learn at our designated School Centers

Number of Levels : 13 levels for Fractions/Decimals/Ratio/Simplification, 2 levels for Geometry & Measurements

Standard Complement Time for each Level: 1 to 3 months

Curriculum Alignment: CBSE/ICSE/IB/STATE Board/Singapore Math

Contains: Workbooks designed by IITians, online 360-degree learning login, Abacus tools, Games and Live Quizzing Logins.

Achievement at the end of Level 15: Student will master Fractions, Four Operations of Fractions, Decimals, Four operations of Decimals, Ratio, Simplification, Integers, Geometry, Area and Perimeter, Surface area and Volume and more.

Is Acceleration Possible? Yes, IOTA students usually go one grade level ahead after 12-18 months of training. 

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Excel in Number Sense till 1000 (A1/A2)
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
IOTA Elementary Math Worksheets after School
Product Details
IOTA Fractionworks Math 

IOTA Math, developed and designed by M.S. Nethrapal, an IIT-IIM alumnus, accelerates Learning Speed, develops Critical Thinking and Mental Agility skills. IOTA Math helps students develop deep conceptual understanding through problem-based instruction, visual learning, small group work, and personalization. Independent research validates the program’s effectiveness in raising student achievement and more than 40+ schools have implemented IOTA in their curriculum.  IOTA was Rated No.1 after School program in top schools like Sri Kumarans, National Public School, National Hill View School, KLE, Presidency and many others. IOTA has Junior Math, Elementary Math, Fractionworks, Algebraworks, Board Exam prep covering the gamut of CBSE/ICSE math curriculum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is the Curriculum aligned to CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Curriculum?

Yes, it is aligned to CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Curriculum 

[2[Can you elaborate on the levels in Fractionworks? Should my child go step by step and complete all six levels?

The details are given below. Apart these, there are additional two levels of Geometry and Measurement

[3] Can you elaborate whether these worksheets are aligned to CBSE/ICSE curriculum?

Yes, it is completely aligned

[4] Can I buy the kit alone?

IOTA Kit can be bought half yearly or yearly. It cannot be purchased standalone. Along with this kit, students need to buy online support/classroom offline/class room live modules so that the worksheets are effectively delivered. The following learning modes are available for the students:

Firstly, IOTA can be delivered online with our powerful e-learning platform to deliver online videos and practice modules. Students receive worksheets at home, watch the videos on our portal and get correction done remotely by our teachers. IOTA online support requires some involvement of parents at home.

Secondly, IOTA can be delivered at our centers. We are opening new centers every day. However please see the list of centers where we are currently functioning. 

Thirdly, IOTA is provided as after school activity in many school. Check out with your school authorities

Fourthly, IOTA can be delivered Live with our powerful Acxel Platform which will help students get the best curriculum delivered through online mode.

[5] How does it work?

Students take a diagnostic test to base line skill set.

Students start at the correct level and start doing the worksheets at an individual level every day. 

With greater self-discipline, the small steps approach creates wonders in your kids. 

As time progresses, skill gaps vanish, and students start gaining confidence to compete and be the best. 

[6] How will I know whether the program is effective?

IOTA provides individual progress prescription reports to the parents, with a clear objective of what curriculum will be completed and what the child will achieve. Different children learn differently; however we see an average stay of 6 months, which leads to substantial improvement in a child's learning ability. 

[7] Can my child accelerate and learn next year's curriculum?

Yes, it is 100% possible. We have students in 4th and 5th who have completed algebra. So, it is very much possible. However, it depends on the work completed by the child. 

[8] My child struggles to complete the homework. Is he/she weak in maths?

It is the amount of focus and systematic learning that matters. Self-Discipline is more important for those kids. We help children build their skills in small steps so that their confidence improves gradually. In 6 months, we usually see a remarkable improvement. 

[9] Will this program help in Olympiads?

Yes, 100% help is provided. We provide additional sessions and tests during the time of Olympiads. Our curriculum also includes level 2 and 3 difficult problem sets for every topic which helps in preparing the child. However, these problem sets are only given if the child is comfortable. 

[10] Should I join my kid to other tuition classes?

IOTA builds all the necessary concepts taught in class. There is 100% alignment to Indian curriculums. There is no need to join the kid to any other tuition program.

[11] Should I join my kid to Abacus/Vedic Math's Program?

IOTA builds all the necessary mental arithmetic during the curriculum. Others don't have a curriculum aligned with mental arithmetic. For example, in abacus, they teach only addition and subtraction. In IOTA, we teach complex topics like Fractions, Algebra also. We also teach relevant techniques from Vedic Maths.

[12] How IOTA is different from School Math?

Schools teach Math as rules and formulas and tend to focus more on standardised tests. IOTA builds on the school curriculum and teaches it in a way that helps children build mastery over concepts through visualizations, unlimited practice and an application-based approach. Instead of a broadcast, each student gets to learn 1-on-1 with their dedicated teacher, trained & certified to enable 360-degree learning.

[13] What is the refund policy?

There is no refund available on kit. However the tuition fee would be proportionately reimbursed.

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